Saturday, June 28, 2014

D'Arcy Drollinger: A Day in the Life of a Rock 'n' Roller

D'Arcy Drollingr as Champaign White

If you have ever tried to catch a train, you'll understand what my day was like trying to keep up with D'Arcy Drollinger. I found myself literally running from gig to gig, into and out of situations that when I stopped for a second made me laugh, giggle and smile all at the same time. Such is the daily vortex that is D'Arcy's life.

I met D'Arcy back in the late 8T's when he was part of the duo that was "Enrique" with Jason Mecier. Our bands would play together, I would see him at SFSU or at New Government, a 6T's clothing store he worked at up on Haight. I have always visualized D'Arcy with a beautiful, big smile on his face and that is exactly what I saw when he opened the door to his Noe Valley victorian apartment recently and welcomed me into his world.

I had heard he was back in San Francisco after a decade in New York working for Richard Frankel who produced the first Broadway productions of both The Producers and Hairspray. Back in San Francisco, D'Arcy choreographed the Thrillpeddler's revival of The Cockettes musicals Vice Palace & Hot Greeks and recently wrote the book and lyrics for "Mr. Irresistable", a sci-fi musical comedy thriller that ran June 5-8th at The Alcazar Theater. 

D'Arcy had started doing drag when he did a guest list for 1015 Folsom back in the early 9T's and then began using drag in his musicals. I knew his play "Shit and Champaign" was closing soon, and I didn't want to miss a chance to see his newest creation, so I called him up to ask if I could document a day in his life for this series. Little did I know I was also in for a serious exercise! (In his "free time" D'Arcy also runs Sunday Skool, "a body-possitve, age-possitive, sex-possitive" dance class that meets at the SF Academy of Ballet on Sundays). 

Running from costume shops to his daytime gig that day co-hosting a kiddy Sing-A-Long to the movie "Frozen" at The Castro as "Hans", we then quickly stopped for oysters at Anchor Oyster Bar (still the best in town). We then darted through the Mission to pick up last minute eyelashes and then headed back to his chateau for pre-play makeup applications. Then we were off to Rebel Bar on Market Street where he performed for 2 hours in his amazing play "Shit and Champaign" which he wrote, directed, co-choreographed and stared in. 


After spending a day with D'Arcy, I was thrilled to see that all of his many, many talents had grown exponentially and were focused on his passions in a very professional way. The very key to success! Every inch of the performance had D'Arcy's wit and humor embedded in the very fiber of the piece. It was if I had seen an old friends essence brought to life in the form of Champaign White.

His latest endeavor will be starring as a very foxy Samantha Jones in "Sex and the City Live" Thursday - Sunday at The Victoria Theater  July 24th - August 10th. A performance you wont want to miss! 

D'Arcy's spirt is infectious and charming, his energy is unmatched. Actualizing his dreams is what makes him a force to be reckoned with.

You don't get more Rock 'n' Roll than that!

Julie Pavlowski Green
June 28, 2014

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