Saturday, June 22, 2019

Flora as Fashion: Jonathan Mills

"Flora as Fashion: Jonathan Mills" 2019
Digital inkjet print and yarn
40 x 40 in.

In the final days of stitching the last pieces for the exhibition, this 40 x 40 in digital inkjet print was both a joy and a conundrum. There was no doubt I would fill the piece with the ombre colors echoed in the wisteria vine that Jonathan was wrapped in and intended to fill the shirt with a pattern of it's fragrant flower. But after I had filled in the first line of flowers which were attached to the vine, I sat with the piece for a day and came to the conclusion that the image was complete.

Simplicity is not as easy as it appears. Although I desired to fill the shirt in completely, it was obvious to me that just a simple line of flowers hanging from a single vine had created a powerful image that expressed exactly what I had intended to present.

Using the French Knot embroidery stitch in yarn was a bit of a challenge. I had to do quite a bit of testing before I could properly create the knotted stitch and ended up using merino wool with a rather large, heavy duty sack-needle used for stitching up packages of hay or grain.

I couldn't be more delighted with the final image in this series as it contains all that I have experienced and learned from creating this project. With the exhibition "Home as Hat - Flora as Fashion" coming to a close today, I am pleased that I was able to see this body of work come to its final conclusion.

If interested in purchasing an exhibition catalogue, please email me at

Julie Green
June 22, 2019

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Home as Hat: Amanda Quinn Olivar

"Home as Hat: Amanda Quinn Olivar" 2019
Digital inkjet print and yarn
40 x 40 in.

This final "hat" was created from one of the first photographs taken for this series. Walking around Beverly Hills, we spied this Tudorbethan style gable,  a subset of the Tudor Revival architecture of the 1930's. Once I began to stitch this piece together in yarn, it was evident to me that a drab brown color of the timbers was not going to pop against the wild shrubbery and couldn't possible compete with the dominant patterns in the incredible coat created by Zandra Rhodes which Amanda had on, so I chose the color red.

Amanda, who is currently producing a feature documentary called "Seeing is Believing: Women Direct" and the play & film "Paint Made Flesh", is also an editor for the online magazine Curator. She recently interviewed me about my work as well as my thoughts on this series. You can read the interview here.

I am delighted to see this image int he 40x40 in. format as it is a strong image of a lovely person in a magical setting clothed by one of the world's most fascinating fashion designer. What more could you want?

This piece, along with 32 other images in the exhibition "Home as Hat - Flora as Fashion" can be seen at Muzeumm until July 22nd.

Julie Green
June 15, 2019

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Home as Hat: Andrea Minton Part 3

"Home as Hat: Andrea Minton" 2019
Digital inket print and yarn
40x40 in.

There are four 40x40 in. digital inkjet prints in the exhibition which have been stitched with yarn. Embroidery floss would have gotten lost on this large image, so I tested different types of yarn, rope and thread to see what would work best. I ended up using both a combination of a merino wool and regular cotton to construct this piece.

This simple line stitch was a perfect counterpoint to the busy houndstooth dress Andrea is wearing. It also helped to tie together the architectural element behind her into a hat she is actually wearing. I had originally thought that I would weave another hat for her as I did in the second Home as Hat: Andrea Minton Part 2  7x7 in. print but once I had laid down the first horizontal lines with the only multicolored yarn in the show, I knew it was just the right accent for this piece.

It also looks like a party hat and since my 50th birthday is tomorrow, it seemed like the perfect image for this celebratory weekend!

This print and 32 other embroidered photographs are on view in "Home as Hat - Flora as Fashion" exhibition hanging at Muzeumm until June 22nd.

Julie Green
June 8, 2019

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Flora as Fashion: Asia Muka

Flora as Fashion: Asia Muka" 2019
Digital inkjet print and yarn
40 x 40 in.

When I approached this piece it was a bit daunting. Not only was it 40 x 40 in but it was an overall design I wanted to stitch in detail. I had photographed Asia deliberately in front of an extremely old and prominent organ pipe cactus which I felt reflected her larger than life personality but didn't take into account how long it would take me to execute the piece.

I had been studying varying embroidery stitches and hit up on the buttonhole stitch which seemed to emulate the undulating outline of the cactus. The evenly spaced cactus spines gave me a guide to puncture the surface. Turning the cactus into feathers seen in an elaborate Las Vegas showgirl costume came alive with the use of yarn instead of embroidery floss.

Three weeks later, the piece was finished.

I'm extremely proud to showcase this image in my exhibition which will be opening tonight at MuzeuMM.

Julie Green
June 1, 2019

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Flora as Fashion: Victoria Wordsworth

"Flora as Fashion: Victoria Wordsworth" 2019

This lovely Trumpet gown was photographed on location in front of the historic Smoke House in Burbank, CA. Like the Mermaid gown, it is form-fitting through the torso and hips and gradually opens out into a floor length flare. The rose bush blends nicely into Victoria's flower patterned frock.

This image, as well as 32 other embroidered portraits, will be on view in my upcoming exhibition "Home as Hat - Flora as Fashion" at MuzeuMM Gallery June 1 -22nd. The opening is next Saturday, June 1st from 7-11pm.

Julie Green
May 25, 2019

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Flora as Fashion: Emil Edinger

"Flora as Fashion: Emil Edinger" 2019

I was inspired to stitch an accessory for Double EE and Bad Business front man Emil Edinger using the linear lines of the cactus close by. I decided I wanted to accentuate his hat, coat, jeans and boots with a component that reflected their outdoor vibe. By selecting natural tones in the embroidery floss to echo wood, straw or wheat, this backpack evolved into a type of Native American burden basket.

I am delighted with the final outcome of this piece, since it deviates from the other images in this series by accentuating an accessory. This image, along with 32 other embroidered photographs will be exhibited at Muszeumm Gallery from June 1 -22nd. It will be a culmination of 4 years worth of work!

I hope you can join me for the opening on Saturday, June 1st from 7-9pm.

Julie Green
May 18, 2019

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Flora as Fashion: Pamela Hobbs

"Flora as Fashion: Pamela Hobbs" 2019

While many of my embroidered portraits are intricate and heavily stitched, this portrait of the elegant and incredibly talented Digital Matte Artist Pamela Hobbs called for a more subdued and simple stitching to compliment the intense patterns in the Op art print in her dress.

The embroidery floss is actually an ice blue. The subtlty in color and application I felt was just the right tough to this image. Although understated, I was trying to emulate a cross between a Tudor ruff and bone jewelry.

This print, along with 32 other images will be on view at Muzeumm Gallery from June 1st - June 22nd. The opening night is on June 1st from 7-9pm.

Julie Green
May 11, 2019

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Exhibition Announcement!

I am delighted to announce my first solo exhibition of embroidered photographs at Muzeumm Gallery. I hope you will be able to join me on Saturday, June 1st for the opening from 7-11pm.

An exhibition catalogue will be available to purchase at the gallery and then online once it closes.

Julie Green
May 4, 2019

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Home as Hat: Andrea Minton Part 2

"Home as Hat: Andrea Minton" 2019

I originally started stitching this series of images with regular thread and came to the conclusion that I needed to use the thicker embroidery floss so that the colors would pop out from the background. Since I am working on an exhibition of this body of work, I decided to redo some of the earlier works that only used regular thread.

This portrait of the lovely Andrea Minton was originally shot in 2016. As you can see in the original Home as Hat: Andrea Minton, the regular thread I used was too small to have any impact on the "hat" I was trying to create. Looking at the structure of the roof in the photograph, I realized weaving the floss would mirror the asphalt shingles. I have not woven the thread before and feel that this treatment worked perfectly for this particular image.

Julie Green
April 27, 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Destination: Downtown Lemon Cove

"Destination: Downtown Lemon Cove No. 1" 2018

Not all of the destinations I photographed last year were in nature. Downtown Lemon Cove provided my eye with cement candy in the form of this abandoned 1930's Richfield gas station and what looked like a 1960's Standard Oil auto shop. Located directly across the street from each other, they were still vying for attention long after their shops had been deserted.

Found along the only road into and out of Lemon Cover in the middle of the citrus orchards, this little one horse town apparently didn't have the heart or the money to tear these relics down. I was grateful to come across these buildings that still held onto a piece of Americana in the backroads of the California Central Valley.

Julie Green
April 13, 2019

"Destination: Downtown Lemon Cove No. 2" 2018

"Destination: Downtown Lemon Cove No. 3" 2018

"Destination: Downtown Lemon Cove No. 4" 2018

"Destination: Downtown Lemon Cove No. 5" 2018