Saturday, July 8, 2017

Body Refractions: Hair

"Body Refractions: Hair No. 1"

Hair has been a symbol for water for centuries. They both represent power, vigor, and abundance. Seeing hair wave underwater, as if blown by the wind, added a counterpoint to the reflections of light and patterns on top of and below the surface.

Interestingly, my daughter's blonde hair was painted red by the refraction of both the underwater pool light and sunlight. Red waves lengths travel faster and last longer that blue wavelengths. The bending of these wavelengths by the denser medium of water slows the wavelengths down and changes their direction, creating what is known as refraction. The red becomes a more dominant color reflected off the surface of the objects in the pool.

Next week I'll be studying the distorting effects of refraction on the face.

Julie Green
July 8, 2017

"Body Refractions: Hair No. 2"

"Body Refractions: Hair No. 3"

"Body Refractions: Hair No. 4"

"Body Refractions: Hair No. 5"

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